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Sunrise Restoration is a full service design-build construction company specializing in Home Remodeling & Restoration. From architectural and interior design services, to turn-key construction,

Sunrise provides quality craftsmanship that can be tailored to fit your budget.



25+ Years remodeling & restoring san antonio - our hometown!

Sunrise Restoration + Design Build Remodeling’s specialty is working in mid to high end neighborhoods and matching the finer details of a home when performing a custom renovation project such as room additions, kitchen and bath remodel and renovations.

Our first visit to your home we will assess the damage or area of concern and determine the severity. We will give our expert recommendations of necessary work needed and materials that best suit the issue. Once you approve the work we will fix your roof as needed and to your satisfaction.



Alamo Heights - Living Room - Kitchen - Master Suite- Bathroom Addition


Complete Home Renovations







Design Build - Room Additions


We bring your vision to life and love a design challenge.
— david montelongo

From their in-house design team, tradesmen and real estate agents they are able to offer a variety of real estate services. Whether you’re interested in renovating your property or you’d like to add a complete addition to your home, we have access to some of the best tradesmen in the area. These professionals will help transform your property quickly and properly, ensuring that everything meets all appropriate building codes.

It doesn’t matter which portion of your home requires attention. With our assistance, you’ll be able to remedy all the design flaws which plague your property. If the home feels a bit cramped, we can even add complete bedrooms and bathrooms onto the property.


Insurance Restoration

Elements That Cause Damage

  • Hail Storms

Hail storms have cause Billions of dollars in damage to Roofs in San Antonio and Texas is the #1 state for most hail storms, making this the most common issue for concern.

  • Thunderstorms | Rain Damage

Rain damage commonly develops over long periods of time usually caused by bad roofing and damaged gutters.

  • Tree Damage

Falling limbs or branches often cause damage suddenly due to storms or untrimmed trees.

  • Wind Damage

Unusually high winds have swept thru San Antonio and have been a source of tearing of shingles and have in some cases taken off entire sections of roof.

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