Alamo Heights Condo Renovation - PHASE III Completed (Pics & Video Included)


We’re back for our final installment on this project. It’s Phase III, the project is complete, and our clients move in today! If you haven’t checked out our posts for phase one and phase two, go ahead and do that before you watch today’s video. We’ve come a really long way!

To summarize, this project was hit by a storm almost two years ago. The roof was partially torn off and there was extensive water damage throughout. In addition to addressing the structural issues with this condo, we tackled a complete renovation project to make the space beautiful as well as sound and secure.

When we started there was no flooring, limited drywall, and what was still installed pretty much all had to come down. Our finished product is a modern home with very clean finishings. We put down very lovely hardwood floors everywhere except for the bathrooms, which feature elegant tile work and quartz.

We’re in love with this finished product. Just look at the pictures! While the finishings are modern, the space hasn’t lost its rustic charm. The rich colors of the wood accentuate the light colors of the mantle and walls, and the bathrooms are simply stunning.

Take a look at the video for a complete walk through and to check out the finishing touches we’ve put in! If you’re feeling inspired, make sure to schedule your free estimate with us today!

Project Completed Pics