Alamo Heights Condo Renovation - PHASE I


We’re in the early phase of a condo remodel for a building damaged by a tornado almost two years ago. The project will ultimately include all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, paint, flooring and complete remodels for two bathrooms and the kitchen. Before any of that can happen, however, we have to do the basics!

In phase one of this project, we’re in demolition mode. You can see in the video that the old floors and fixtures have been completely ripped up. All of the drywall is exposed as we prepare to restore this beautiful apartment. We’re in the process of stripping down the kitchen to make way for brand new cabinets, a new backsplash, and modern appliances. Once everything is taken down we can start building up a really impressive finish for the condo.

Check out the video if you’re curious to learn more. In this video David will walk you through the ins and outs of this particular job. He’ll show you around so you can get an idea of what a full renovation actually entails. Be sure to stay tuned and check out his other videos so you can see this project all the way from start to finish.

This is the most exciting phase of any remodel or restoration for many people. With the condo completely stripped down such that even the studs are exposed, it’s really easy to see the full potential of the space. You can really picture everything Dave describes for the build! Though it may be hard to imagine what your space might look like if you moved a few walls around or changed your flooring, David knows! If you’re thinking about renovating, or even restoring a space you own, schedule a free estimate with us anytime!

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Tornado rips through upscale Alamo Heights-area condo complex

By Caleb Downs

Chainsaws were buzzing Monday morning in the courtyards of Chateaux Dijon, an upscale condominium complex in the Alamo Heights area that suffered severe damage after a tornado tore through the area Sunday night and into Monday.

Air conditioning units dangled from roofs and were seen sinking to the bottom of pools, windows were shattered and ceilings completely removed as residents wandered about aimlessly, surveying the damage at the complex in the 7700 block of Broadway.

"I can now say I've been through a tornado. I don't recommend it," said Rob Daubert, a resident of Chateaux Dijon.

The National Weather Service confirmed Monday that a EF-1 strength tornado hit at Linda Drive near the Quarry with 105 m.p.h. winds and a path length of 4.5 miles. Chateaux Dijon is about a mile from the confirmed tornado point.

Chateau Dijon Townhomes Condominium Complex in San Antonio