Alamo Heights Condo Restoration - PHASE II - During


Here we are in our second phase of restoring a condo in Alamo Heights. In phase one, all you could see was exposed studs, wires, and the bare floor. Now it’s really starting to come together. We’ve put down a beautiful hardwood floor, installed new lighting and fixtures, and filled this condo with a whole lot of custom woodworking.

For this build, we wanted a very open concept. This is clearest in the kitchen, where we put up beautiful floating shelves and installed an open bar exposed to the living room. A lot has been done here since our post on phase one, and you can really see the work has paid off!

Be sure to check out the progress pics below and, if you’re curious, the drywall delivery video. This is a second floor condo, so all of the heavy materials have to be hoisted up via the balcony like this! When you’re searching for someone to do your custom renovation or restoration, it’s important to consider every step of the process, not just the finished product and timeline.

We’re producing this series of videos because we stand by our process. Materials are delivered in the fastest, safest, and most efficient manner. This ensures our clients save money because materials are not easily lost or broken; we’re also not clogging the stairways and upsetting the HOA unnecessarily.

At this point, we’re in the homestretch of this project. The bathrooms and kitchen are virtually complete, the new floor is on, new doors have been installed, and we’re ready for the finishing touches. Stay tuned for our next post to see the complete finished product! If you’re feeling inspired to tackle your home renovation project, schedule a free estimate with us today!

Check Out the Finished Product Here!