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Remodel | Restore

Modernize the outdated - Restore beauty faded by time

In many of our bathroom remodel projects, we tear out and remove the old tub and tile and build a new beautiful modern stand up shower with glass tile details and frameless glass shower doors to really display our craftsmanship and highlight your design ideas.

99% of our projects are provided on a turnkey basis… meaning we handle everything, so you don't have to! It's a home remodel, WITHOUT the headache. Turnkey project bids include all material and labor pricing including all items to complete the project including the tightening of the last screw and last paint touch-up.

On occasion, however, our clients will have a special connection or want to provide appliances or fixtures on their own. We are very flexible and completely focused on our client receiving the end result they imagined, but we make sure to give you the best and most comprehensive up front pricing on quotes and materials.

Complete Home Remodeling Services

Complete Home Remodeling Services

Design Build Room Additions

Design Build Room Additions


Addition | Expansion

is your family growing? need more space?

keep your beloved home & add needed space

One question we often get asked is, "If I am doing the large remodel project at my home, will I need to completely move out or can I continue living in my home?"

That's a great question... What we have found is that the best solution is considering this on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size and nature of the project.

Many large projects still allow the homeowner to live in the project; if we are not working in all areas of the home or during our initial consultation we can assess whether or not the client will be able to continue living in the home. Many times building a room addition or remodeling a kitchen, or even a single bathroom, does not require a client to completely move. On occasion building a room addition will require moving the homes electrical service, which is another consideration, depending on your circumstances. In these cases, a home can be left without power for a short time so in this instance, so we recommend a client move out until power is fully restored.


Consulting | Designing

creative and design team at your service

The best remodel projects are always the most thought out and well planned, and that is how Sunrise Restoration is different than the average remodeling company.

We know what it takes to work with you, no matter how big or small your want list, or your budget. Having a professional design team is imperative to ensuring the success of a home remodel project especially if that project includes adding square footage, remodeling major areas like the kitchen, or other complicated building techniques, and we do it all from floor to ceiling, with the utmost care and comprehensive workmanship.

Once a design is agreed-upon and the homeowner and contractor agreed to proceed forward. The start date for your project will be determined based on crew availability as well as lead times for any special order items -- for example, a kitchen remodel often takes eight weeks for custom cabinets to be built, in which case cabinets are ordered prior to the start of the remodel to ensure that the cabinets are complete by the time the new space is ready to showcase your new custom cabinets.

Hands on Consulting and Project Management

Hands on Consulting and Project Management

We are Dedicated to creating a working plan!
— David Montelongo